sooo, what's going on.

Me and Nicky decided to get a own spot, we are now living in a house in the middle of the forest next to the river. It's amaaazing. So much wildlife - and the rainforest is just so so beautiful. We don't have a TV or internet, so it's an experience for sure!

I'm gonna post some pictures later to show you guys! We went to IKEA to buy stuff for the house yesterday, we are flossin! This is just too good to be true:)

I had birthday last week and we celebrated it up on the mountain. Mt.Hood and Windells is the most epic and best place to go snowboarding! I LOVE IT!! It's the most crazy view from here, standing on the top of the mtn in slushy snow and starring out over the desert, the wild wild west on one side and rainforest on the other. 
All the people here are just sooo nice and friendly as well. So different to Europe, why can't people be like this everywhere?:)

I don't wanna leave this place.. ever!
Loads of love,