Private Jib Park and awesome Cats.


We decided to build our own little Jib Park in the backyard! :)

Little (read fat) Kitty came and hung out with us.
Bagheera totally reminds me of my old cat, Åke No.1
(My second cat's name was Åke as well (Åke No.2), I was pretty damn creative when it came to names when I was a kid)
Why in the whole world would you name a cat Åke?

Easy, Åke was my old neighbor's name. Which made the situation even funnier.
Everytime my cat Åke was outside and we screamed his name to get him inside again,
we got an answer -"Yeeees, whaaaaat?" was our neighbor Åke.
MajaxBagheeraxMajaxMomxÅke No.1
Åke No.2
He is a damn good poser as well.

åke! både åke1 och åke2 var helt underbara katter<3. minns när jag bodde hos malin och åke kom å hälsa på ibland. oj som vi gosade! :)
fin bild på dig & mamma! <3

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