Living the dream. Utah is treating me GOOD. Couldn't be happier!
I love Nicky's family, they are the best!!
So many things happened in the last weeks, so many things to tell you all..
Last surfday in Oregon.
Our chillspot outside the crib in Huntsville.
We went to Snowbird for some Oktoberfest!
Hanging out in Park city for some wake and wakesurf! Had the worst bail ever, I wiped out for hours.. haha.
Captain Tom and his little helper!
Nicky throwing some flips
We've been skatin a bunch.. Park city
..And Salt Lake!
We went to a Ludacris concert (5$/concert: MGMT, luda, snoop.. you name it).. and found this kickbike. Imagine us two, me on Nicky's back, rolling around downtown SLC.. It felt like a good idea at that time.. but Ooh God, I'm glad we're still alive.
Sunset in Salt Lake.

We are chilling a lot back home at Nicky's parents in Huntsville.. So beautiful!!
..And helping out with the garden:)
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