sad xmas. my money should have reached my account from working.
nothing came in.
wrote to the boss...
"let me check tomorrow. i'm not sure if i passed on the invoice, it was soo chaotic before i left. sorry"
no money, nothing. no xmasgifts.. no money for rent. 
fuck my life.

Julen är räddad. Tack Ankan&Pappa, ni är bäst i världen!!!!

best crew.. park! check out the edit from Absolut Park opening!! :)

first day at work.

after a great weekend with Absolut Parks xmasparty and shooting at the mtn I'm starting off the new week with work!
Today I've got my first private snowboardlesson (hopefully in english! haha) and straight after that we are starting to put out all the obstacles in the park! :) 

Wish me good luck!