soo. been pretty quiet here o the blog lately. have been doing so much things!
for 2 weeks ago I went home to coold cold Sweden for a 9-days visit. It was amazing, went home to lapland to visit family and friends, and the last days I spent with Linnea in Stockholm.. Thank you all for the great visit! I wish I could come home more often. 

now I'm back in Austria, and the first day I went hiking in the alps I totally burned myself to death.. +25c? yes, summer was still here. Today when I woke up the snow was dumping down and we got tons of powdersnow to play with!! so happy!!! hopefully it will stay here for some weeks! :)
the winter is looking pretty nice! got sooo many joboffers - and I pretty much said yes to all the offers. stupid me, when I'm halfsure that it's gonna overlap each other. and I won't have time to go snowboarding - at all. well hopefully I will sort this out before the new year is here!
that's it that's all, dachstein will open in a week and I'm so superduper happy for that! 

got some souvenirs back from home as well.