..I'm back!

So, it's been a great summer together with my other half:)
I haven't done a single update, so I guess it's about time for it!

4th of July, HAPPY 'MERRICCA! We went on a roadtrip to the Coast, Cannon Beach! We found the sickest campingspot and all together we were about 30 people! Fireworks and bonfire on the beach with the most amazing crew. Thank you all. I had my first and BEST 4th ever.
Me and Nicky chilled at Cannon Beach in the sunset.

The weather has been great! Around +32c every single day! Never ending summer!!

We got invited to Whistler, Canada for a week. It was really spontaneous and me and Nicky went for another roadtrip again! (Vacation on vacation ;) We didn't have a map, but we made it without problems! Free hotel, liftcards and camp pass to Camp of Champs! It was so much fun!!! Big thanks to Tom who hooked us up!
Black bears under the chairlift!
Hike action @ Camp of Champs, Whistler!
Predrinking at the hotelroom with Nicky, Tom, Steph and AJ. ..Blackout x 3000.
Hike hike hike..
Me and Nicky with some tailpress action.
Over there I met two homies as well, Laila from Greenland and Rudi from Germany! The world is SMALL! :) 
We had some crazy partynights and A LOT of fun! I hope I can go there again next year!

When we got back to Oregon I finally got my windellspass for the rest of the sessions - STOKED! Windells is def. the sickest camp in the world and all the people are soooo friendly and awesome! I had the best time!

During the in-between-days (the days when there is no windellscamp) we drove to the coast again, this time to Pacific City! We camped on the top of the mtn there (mushroom mtn), bonfire and chill/grill/drinking. I had such a good time! Me and Nicky went for a hike the day after and found the illest spot next to the ocean. We chilled there the whole day.. couldn't be more stoked.

We got back to Mt.Hood and Nicky had to work again - and I was back on my board! Getting some footage for my upcoming edit and interview! It's gonna be great!

The last in-between-weekend we decided to drive to the coast again, Cannon beach. This time we weren't that many people and we stayed at a friends g'ma. We all surfed for 2 days and it was so much fun (but cold as fuck.. we wore the thickest wetsuits ever)! I was really scared about The Great White Sharks.. (there is a lot of them there). But we were lucky and we are all still alive;)

Yea, that's pretty much it.. in a really short version:)

We drove back to Utah and now we are having an amazing time together. I love Nickys family and I love it here in Salt Lake.

Life is good.

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